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Head of Global Credit

Jouw rol

As the Head of Credit you will be responsible for the investment results generated by the two internal Credit teams and you will have the opportunity to set the strategic course for the Credit cluster team and its three internally managed Credit mandates. As the thought leader you will lay-out the foundation to further enhance the Credit products in the context of PGGM’s 3D ambition (return, risk, and impact) and the introduction of the “New Pension Contract” to ensure the products remains relevant and competitive in the longer term. In this role you will proactively extend the product’s competitive edges by leading the implementation of 3D investing in Credit products and continuing to explore opportunities to further embed quantitative techniques and data science in the investment process. In this role you cannot take the status quo for granted. With team play being vital to the success in this dynamic and vibrant environment, you will have to demonstrate your managerial, communication and coaching skills to facilitate team members to excel to the best of their abilities, to stimulate growth mindset in the team and ensure optimal team operating dynamics.

To act as full-fledged sparring partner, you are therefore required to continuously engage with relevant internal and external stakeholders (including investment advisors and internal product partners) and to actively exchange know-how, expertise and explore innovations of the Credit products and mandates. Communication and knowledge sharing when representing Credit internally (and externally) are of pivotal importance, as you will closely work with colleagues and counterparts from departments such as External Management, Trading desk & Analytics, Investment Analytics, Responsible Investment as well as maintain solid relationships with internal investment advisors like Strategy and Fiduciary Advice. In your role you will directly report to the Chief Investment Officer and become a member of the management team of the Asset Management group.

Jouw afdeling binnen PGGM

As part of PFZW’s Liquid Credit investment mandate, the Credit cluster currently manages three mandates with two separate investment teams: European Investment Grade (EUR 4 billion, 7 people) and Emerging Markets Credit (EUR 5 billion, 10 people). A EUR 500 million new 3D Global Sustainable Credit mandate has just been approved which will start early 2024. The Credit cluster consists of 18 professionals, of which 2 lead portfolio managers, and 10 portfolio managers, 2 ESG analysts/portfolio managers, 2 quantitative analyst/portfolio managers, and 1 portfolio analyst. Being part of PGGM’s Asset Management platform, the Credit team is a large investor in this domain globally. The portfolios are actively managed internally with the objective to outperform the benchmark in order to consistently generate alpha on a risk-adjusted basis. The team’s investment style is predominantly focused on solid bottom up credit selection, in combination with smart top down portfolio construction.

Whilst the Credit team currently manages three mandates, the vision of the team is to merge the mandates into one global credit mandates which includes targets not only for return and risk, but also for sustainability and impact. The new Global Sustainable Credit mandate represents this “mandate of the future”. Recognizing the growing importance of ESG integration in the investment portfolio, the Credit team is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in the field of ESG implementation, through proactively engaging with the companies and strive for continuous improvement on a range of topics we deem material as well as integration in fundamental analysis. With ESG integration rapidly evolving, the main objective is to continue to drive integration and to ensure ESG integration is anchored in the long term investment strategy of the Credit cluster. To enhance the team’s industry leading position and competitive edge, the Credit team is integrating quantitative and data science techniques to develop/design/maintain a data infrastructure, data visualization and dashboards and to innovate proprietary model framework/toolkits to on-board data analytics and solutions into our day-to-day activities to structurally add value to the team’s investment analysis.

Jouw achtergrond

You Have The Following Qualifications And Skills

  • Approximately >7 years of relevant experience in actively managed investment mandates (preferably in different market segments in the global credit market), of which >5 years in a managerial position;
  • An advanced Master degree in Finance, Business Administration, Engineering and/or other relevant fields;
  • Analytical mindset and demonstrated ability to creatively solve business problems;
  • Structured, accurate way of working to efficiently plan your time and prioritize projects in a dynamic environment;
  • Experience of working in a large corporate environment and understanding the complexity of a large (matrix) organization and (political) stakeholder management;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English, both oral and written.

Critical Leadership Capabilities

  • Gives direction and is decisive.
  • Ensures goal orientation, impact and achieving results. Instils a sense of urgency in the team to deliver on goals.
  • Deals with uncertainty and change. Works to overcome obstacles and/or plans for contingencies.
  • Reviews performance and progress on a regular basis through (quality) metrics and KPIs to ensure the team is achieving required results.

Change maker

  • Is able to integrate two teams and support and promote internal and external cooperation.
  • Curious, inspires colleagues and initiates innovations and renewal.
  • Applies new technology (e.g. data analytics), new ways of working (e.g. agile) and creates new opportunities.
  • Thinks globally & innovatively.


  • Connects people with people and with goals and opportunities.
  • Actively seek collaboration with managers and teams within the Investment Management-chain.
  • Listens and facilitates development.
  • Adapts own influencing approach to individuals, anticipating impact of words and actions.
  • Invites and incorporates the opinions and perspectives of others to achieve alignment.
  • Pre-empts or resolves conflicts by discussing individual issues with each person.


  • Self-aware, takes personal responsibility and works on her/his personal leadership.
  • Aware of own behavior, strengths and weaknesses, dares to admit uncertainties and mistakes.
  • Acts from personal purpose and personal values and the purpose and values of PGGM.

Wat wij bieden

The PGGM Investments organization continues to build teams of talented and experienced professionals to help assume its vital responsibility to manage the investments on behalf of pension funds and strive to achieve it with excellence, integrity and performance. In your role you ultimately contribute to the pension schemes of 2.7mln Dutch beneficiaries. PGGM Investments is a modern cooperative organization with an “open and honest” corporate culture, having a flexible, agile and flat organizational structure. PGGM Investments understands a healthy work-life balance, employee wellbeing and emphasis on personal development are key distinctive features in attracting the next generation of the best-and brightest talent and high-caliber professionals.

PGGM Investments offers a competitive primary and secondary benefits package, combined with robust terms of employment. For more information about our collective labor agreement and terms of employment, click here.

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For more information, please contact Vincent Uitendaal on vincent.uitendaal@pggm.nl.
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